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Imagine if you could

  • Make student thinking visible

  • Use rich tasks that
    make student learning visible

  • Increase student confidence

  • Make math fun and engaging

  • Foster an environment
    that values mistakes

  • Use evidence of
    student thinking

  • Help your students
    develop a growth mindset

  • Enable productive
    math discussions

Using the devices you have today

Imagine if your devices SPOKE MATH.

Make your students' thinking visible.
Enable rich, interactive math discussions.
Provide your students the support they need.
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“By enabling my students to see
that they are not alone in their
math struggles and confusions,
Woot Math promoted a more
courageous attitude and turned
mistakes into learning opportunities.”

“I love that Woot Math pushes
students to show their thinking with
multiple representations so I know
students really understood the why.”

“80% of my tier two and tier
three RTI students improved at
least one grade level since the
beginning of the school year.”
“Using our STAR Math scores,
I measured that students who had
completed the Woot Math sequence
scored in the 79th% and students
who had not scored in the 60th%.
It is a strong result, and it
made me glad our elementary
school chose to use Woot Math.”
“Woot Math has given me an
efficient way to take students
from concrete to abstract
understanding of fractions. Thanks
to Woot Math's multiple
representations and models, my
students are now able to visualize
the problems they are solving.”

“Woot Math Polls' ability to
improve student discourse is perfect
to help our teachers implement
high quality Formative Assessment
as a means for targeting
student needed support.”

“Woot Math is a user friendly
product that delivers on the promise
of making foundational rational
number concepts more accessible
to students of all grade levels.
This engaging and powerful app
has helped to bridge the gap
in my students' learning.”

Adaptive Practice

Unlock Rational Numbers

Adaptive tutoring platform helps students master fractions, decimals, ratios and more using hands-on digital manipulatives.

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Woot Math Polls

Formative Assessment

Built for the math classroom, with instant feedback and actionable data.
Know what they know. Now.

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Academics' Choice Award
Institute of Education Services
National Science Foundation
Digital Promise
“Which Edtech Companies Are Producing
the Best Research-Based Products?”
Winner, Top Evaluation Research: Woot Math
— EdSurge, Digital Promise, Nov 9, 2016