User Generated Content Policy

Preamble: We apologize in advance for the legalese that follows; User Generated Content is, by its nature, a complex area especially when it comes to policies and legal agreements (see, for example, YouTube’s terms at, but we hope that we struck a fair balance, in language and content, in the policy that follows. As with all of our terms, we welcome your comments and questions. If any of our terms seem problematic for your intended use of Woot Math in an educational setting, please contact us and we will gladly work with you in an attempt to resolve your concerns.

This Policy governs your use of certain Woot Math Services (the “Services”), including, but not limited to, our various web pages, applications, and APIs. This Policy is incorporated into and is part of the Woot Math Terms and Conditions and, specifically, is part of the Teacher Account terms. It is neither intended for nor applicable to student accounts. Only users who have created a teacher account and agreed to the Teacher Account Terms may use the Services to create content as described in this Policy.

As a teacher, the Services may allow you to create, submit, post, or otherwise share content, which we will refer to as “User Generated Content” or simply as “Content” within this Policy. This Content may include (without limitation) text, mathematics, images, software code, or audio or video recordings. You are responsible for your use of the Services and any Content you create, submit, post, or otherwise share or display (“Your Created Content”) and for any consequences that follow. You understand that Your Created Content may be able to be viewed by others, including the public if you choose to share the Content publicly.

Because the Woot Math Site and Services are widely used by other teachers and students, Your Created Content will be subject to terms and rules that are strictly enforced.

We do not claim ownership to Your Created Content; however, you grant us a worldwide, nonexclusive, and royalty-free license (with the right to sublicense) to use, reproduce, transmit, print, publish, publicly display, exhibit, distribute, redistribute, copy, index, comment on, modify, adapt, translate, create derivative works based upon, publicly perform, make available and otherwise use Your Created Content, in whole or in part, with or without attribution, in all media and distribution methods (now known or developed in the future). You understand that Woot Math may allow other teachers to create derivative works of Your Created Content once you share your content publicly.

You represent and warrant that Your Created Content conforms to these terms and that you own or have the necessary rights and permissions, without the need for payment to any other person or entity, to use and to authorize us to use Your Created Content in all manners contemplated by these terms. You understand that if Your Created Content includes, in whole or in part, content for which you do not have full rights (rights relative to all of the contemplated uses and licenses under these terms), you may be subject to liability. To the greatest extent allowed by law, you agree to indemnify and hold us harmless for any and all liability and losses arising from our use of Your Created Content under these terms. If you are accepting this Policy and using the Services on behalf of an organization or legal entity, you agree that you are authorized to do so.

You agree to the following rules (the “Woot Math Content Rules”):

  • You may create or upload content only in compliance with all of our Terms and Conditions.
  • You may create or upload content only in compliance with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations.
  • You may not create or upload Content that is threatening, harassing, or defamatory.
  • You may not create or upload Content that is violent, hateful, or bigoted.
  • You may not create or upload Content that is vulgar, obscene, or pornographic.
  • You may not create or upload Content that can reasonably be expected to be offensive to other people.
  • You may not create or upload Content that relates to any topic that can reasonably be expected to be sensitive to any group of people (including, but not limited to, topics of a religious-, racial-, national-origin-, ethnic-origin-, social-issue-, political-, or sexual- nature), unless your Content is strictly and narrowly educational in its treatment of that topic.
  • You may not create or upload content that can reasonably be expected to harm any person or any entity.
  • You may not create or upload content that infringes on the rights (including, but not limited to copyright and intellectual property rights) of others.

We reserve the right to immediately delete some or all of your Content and/or to terminate your account without further notice if, in our judgement, you violate these rules or our Terms and Conditions.

Woot Math respects intellectual property rights and expects you to do the same. We will respond to any notice of alleged copyright infringement that complies with applicable laws (including the U.S. Digital Millennium Copyright Act). Our designated copyright agent for notice of alleged copyright infringement is:
  Email: ​
  Postal Mail:
    Saga Education, Inc.
    Attn: Copyright Agent
    10 Laudholm Road
    Newton, MA 02458

To the extent that we authorize you to create Content that is a derivative of any Woot Math copyrighted content (e.g., incorporates any of our Materials as defined in the Woot Math Terms and Conditions), we grant you a non-exclusive license to create a derivative work using our Materials as required for the work, provided that such license shall be conditioned upon your assignment to us of all rights in the work you create. If such rights are not assigned to us, your license to create derivative works using our copyrighted works shall be null and void.

Any use of Content obtained through the Services is at your own risk. We are not responsible for, and do not endorse or guarantee, the opinions, views, derivations, advice, arithmetic, or recommendations posted by users of Woot Math.

We have the right but not the obligation to monitor, remove, modify, and post Your Created Content at any time and for any reason, without prior notice to you.

We maintain the right to modify our Services, and you understand that the Services may evolve, change, or cease to function at any time. Woot Math may suspend or stop providing Services at any time (and may not be able to provide you advance notice). Your Created Content may, accordingly, become temporarily or permanently unavailable through the Services.