Adaptive Practice Overview Video

This video encapsulates the available webinar training and shows how students and teachers interact with the program. (14:26 trt)

Online Implementation Guides

There are two online implementation guides that can help you understand how to use Woot Math's Adaptive Practice in you classroom. The Elementary School guide is or Grades 3-5 and the Middle School guide is for Grades 6-7. Each guide covers implementation models, frequency, duration, proficiency targets, as well as the recommended starting book.

The Elementary School Implementation Guide can be found here.

The Middle School Implementation Guide can be found here.

Getting Started in 4 Easy Steps

The Quick Start Guide combines short videos with step-by-step instructions on the four crucial steps to getting started with Woot Math's Adaptive Practice. Topics covered include how to set up your class, how to assign topics and print out login cards for your students, and how to view reports to see your students' progress.

The Quick Start Guide can be found here.

Scope and Sequence Document

Want to learn more about how Woot Math's Adaptive Practice aligns with Common Core standards? Download this PDF to see how each book within Adaptive Practice aligns by standard and grade level.

The Scope and Sequence Document can be found here.