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What do I do if I forgot my password? What do I do if I forgot my username? What are the technical requirements for Woot Math? How do I get a teacher code for Woot Math on the iPad? How do I contact technical support? What additional resources are available for Adaptive Practice? How do I print reports? Is Woot Math aligned to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) for Mathematics? Can I use Woot Math with my child at home? For which grades is Woot Math appropriate? Where does the name Woot Math come from? Does each student need their own iPad? Can I use my personal iPad? Does Woot Math work without an Internet connection? When printing login cards, why are some passwords missing? What content does Woot Math cover? Is it whole-curriculum? How do I edit a student's information on my class roster? Can I change a student's username or password? What if my student forgot their password and cannot log in? Do I have to use a student's full first and last name? How does Woot Math use my student information? How can I add a class or new students to a class? Can students access Woot Math from home? How do I verify my email address? Why do I need to verify my email address? Where should my students start in Woot Math? How do I assign my students work in Woot Math? How do students get 3 stars? Can a level be replayed to improve the star rating? How does Woot Math fit into my math class? How much should students use it? Do you have any training materials I can use to share Woot Math with my friends and colleagues? How much does Woot Math cost? What does archiving classes do? How do I archive a class? Do I need to generate a quote for each teacher to purchase Woot Math Adaptive Practice? What will happen to my student’s data once my license expires? Which parts of Woot Math are FREE? What if we share iPads between many teachers or classes? Can multiple teacher codes be entered into the iPad app? Our Wi-Fi is flaky - does Woot Math work without an Internet connection? What URLs should I add to the whitelist for Woot Math to work properly? Can students edit their own profile, such as choosing their own username or password? Is there a way to delete or erase an item from Woot Math once you have dragged it onto the screen? How do students with color blindness manage the program? If a student doesn't finish a level, will it save their progress within that level? Is Woot Math available for Android tablets or smartphones? How can I play through the Woot Math levels as a teacher? The teacher dashboard got updated - where did reports go?