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Q: How can I add a class or new students to a class?
A: There are two methods for creating a new class and adding students to a class. You can either add them manually, or you can upload a roster via a CSV (comma-separated-values) file. To get started, first go to the Manage Roster tab of your teacher dashboard.

To add a class manually, click Add Class Manually. Create a new class by entering a class name, grade, and then press Save. You will then be asked to enter your student roster. A minimum roster requires a unique username for each student in the class and a password. You can optionally add in first and last names. When you're finished adding students, press Done.

To add a class via a CSV file, visit our CSV upload form in your teacher dashboard. The required format for the CSV as described there. Click Choose File or drag your CSV file into the upload area. If the CSV is correctly processed, it will provide a preview of the classes and students to be created. If an error occurs during the CSV processing, the offending items will be highlighted in red.