to deliver interactive
personalized learning.


“Which Edtech Companies Are Producing
the Best Research-Based Products?”

Winner, Top Evaluation Research:
Woot Math

— EdSurge, Digital Promise, Nov 9, 2016


Woot Math’s Adaptive Practice offers a new hands-on approach
to teaching rational numbers and related concepts for grades 3-7.

95% of students
find Woot Math helpful

94% of teachers
saw improved student
confidence in math

95% of students would
recommend Woot Math
to another student

Adaptive Practice

Our adaptive technology meets students’ personal needs and enables all students to master fractions, decimals, and ratios.


PD designed to get you up and running quickly — and to provide you with best practices for a quality implementation.

Student and
Class Data

A teacher dashboard provides real-time data and reports so you quickly gain insight into areas of struggle and success.

Fractions, Decimals and Ratios unlocked!

Woot Math offers a new hands-on approach to teaching fractions, decimals, ratios and related concepts for grades 3-7:

  • Hands-on Digital Manipulatives: transforming how students model concepts
  • Personalized video instruction
  • Teacher dashboard with student progress and assessment data
  • Aligned to state standards

Woot Math uses adaptive technology to meet each student's personal needs. The adaptive engine is able to go beyond right or wrong and assess each student's actual work. This enables Woot Math to more accurately identify where a student is struggling and provide personalized instruction.

Woot Math is also transforming what it means for a student to be able to model a concept. While using models is not new, Woot Math goes further and delivers a suite of digital manipulatives that enable students to tactically experience concepts. Rather than static images, Woot Math has dynamic models that make students the builders, the makers. Students are able to interact and connect multiple representations, a critical bridge to fluency with rational numbers.

Woot Math engages students and builds their confidence with an intuitive and interactive experience supported on Chromebook (and all other web platforms) and iPad. Woot Math's NSF-funded research proves that its adaptive technology significantly improves learning outcomes.

For in class instruction, Woot Math provides teachers access to a problem bank with thousands of interactive problems that students use in Adaptive Practice. These hands-on, digital manipulatives can easily be projected onto a whiteboard and really bring to life group-led instruction. You can sort this bank of interactive problems by topic, standard, or model type. This provides you with visibility into the scope and sequence for each topic covered by adaptive practice for students.

Watch this video to see the student experience.

Watch this video to learn more about the teacher dashboard and the real-time reports.


An NSF-funded efficacy study showed that Woot Math's adaptive software significantly improves students learning outcomes.


Replace static models with hands-on, digital manipulatives and help build effective mental models. Includes fraction bars and circles, 10x10 grid, number line, fair share and more.


Experience digital manipulatives in a whole new way. Multiple representations of concepts and engaging, hands-on interactions to deepen number sense.


Quickly assess screenshots of student work to gain insight into areas of struggle and success. Providing the data teachers need when they need it.