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My students absolutely LOVE Woot Math! I love hearing the excitement in their voice as they say “I got a WOOT!” And Woot Math has absolutely helped them work with fractions. On a recent test my students scored a 99% on all questions related to fraction definition and unit fractions. Sara Penley, 3rd Grade Teacher
West Side Elementary School
Elizabethton City Schools
I just had a 7th grade student tell me how she never understood fractions. She thought that a bigger denominator meant a bigger value. Thanks to Woot Math's concrete representations and manipulations, she now gets it! My day is made! Beth Wycoff, 5-8th Grade Math Intervention Specialist, Estherville, Iowa
Woot Math Polls is a great tool to assess students learning in a quick, effective way. My kids LOVE it! I've already made polls for a concept we are currently working on and it was very easy to do. S. Dixon, Teacher
Woot Math is an engaging tool that enhances the learning and understanding for all of my students. It provides a structure that helps develop a visual conceptualization of fractions. Jeanette Scotti, Math Teacher, Columbine Elementary School, Boulder Valley School District
Woot Math provides high quality activities that develop conceptual and procedural understanding of fractions. The self-paced environment is both engaging and effective in meeting individual student needs. And the teacher dashboard gives the teacher with a wealth of information that can be used to target interventions or extensions. Michael Matassa - 6th Grade Math Teacher
Manhattan Middle School
Boulder Valley School District
Aside from being easy to use and implement, one of Woot Math's best features is that it provides the remarkable combination of enabling students to blossom under personalized instruction while also fostering critical habits for independent learning. Christie Veitch, Modular Robotics Education Director, and Math Tutor
I really love how personalized and individualized Woot Math can be for each student and how it can be tailored to include the teacher's voice and lessons. Lori Canova, MSW
Chief Executive Officer, “I Have a Dream” Foundation of Boulder County
Woot Math has allowed my struggling middle school students to finally understand fractions without feeling self-conscious learning the skills. Robin Mosteller, Math Teacher, Blevins Middle School, Poudre School District
Woot Math is a user friendly product that delivers on the promise of making foundational rational number concepts more accessible to students of all grade levels. This engaging and powerful app has helped to bridge the gap in my students' learning. William Bailey, Middle School Math Teacher, Village Academy, NYC Department of Education, iZone
I liked that Woot Math adapted to their needs. Neither my low nor my high students complained. That is remarkable. It is really hard as a teacher to differentiate across the class. 4th Grade Teacher
Woot Math Efficacy Study
I really like that my students were engaged. I was better able to focus on small groups, and it gave me the time to do more effective one-on-one help. 5th Grade Teacher
Woot Math Efficacy Study
Fractions are really hard for students to grasp and for teachers to teach. I think Woot Math is not only transformative for the students; it is also transformative for the teachers. 5th Grade Teacher
Woot Math Efficacy Study
Fractions are always a struggle - and just the fact that they are so fully engaged while hands-on working with fractions and solving fraction problems was incredible. 6th Grade Teacher
Woot Math Efficacy Study
I love the captured screens from the teacher dashboard. I also like that Woot Math sees their mistakes and tailors to their needs. 4th Grade Teacher
Woot Math Efficacy Study
I liked that Woot Math exposed my students to fractions in new ways... I liked the different formats that it presented problems in. It helped teach them that they can break everything down. 4th Grade Teacher
Woot Math Efficacy Study
Woot Math is a perfect 4th grade math center... It is really easy to use Woot Math with no teacher input, and I could focus on the other groups. 4th Grade Teacher
Woot Math Efficacy Study

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BaleFire: Best Learning Apps & Games of the Year Jan 7, 2016 BaleFire Labs selected Woot Math as one of the top 16 learning apps of the year!
Balefire Labs Review Sept 7, 2015 Woot Math earned an A+ placing it in the top 2% of all of the apps and games we have reviewed.

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