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Woot Math provides my 5th graders a place to target the lagging skills, reinforce new skills, and really love doing math.
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80% of my tier two and tier three RTI students improved at least one grade level since the beginning of the school year.
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Understanding fractions is crucial for mathematics learning...It is also predictive for students' mathematical achievement years later.
Bridging the gap: Fraction understanding is central to mathematics achievement in students from three different continents.
Torbeyns, Schneider, Xin, and Siegler, 2015
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Rational Numbers?

Ask any algebra teacher and they will tell you that the lack of understanding of fractions is one of the biggest challenges they face. And as research shows, the consequences are severe.

Wall Street Journal Article on Fractions

Bob Siegler, Ph.D., Carnegie Mellon University
The Wall Street Journal, 9/2013 (source)