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Q: What does archiving classes do?
A: Woot Math can archive your classes from the previous school year (the school year is defined as Aug 1 to July 31). You will still have access to all of your archived student data via the reports on the teacher dashboard, but the archived classes will no longer show up in your students' login screen in Adaptive Practice.

To archive old classes, select the “Archive Class” option from the “More” drop-down menu on the Manage Roster page.

To access your archived reports, select the Class drop-down menu from the Reports page. You will notice that the name of the archived class starts with the school year (e.g. SY 2016-2017). For example, if you archived a class named "Period 1" from the 2016-2017 school year, you would see "SY 2016-2017 - Period 1".